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2014 family favorite winners25-Jun-2014

PLAYTIME 1. Favorite indoor play area 1. Palm Tree Playground (3011 N. Inst. 10 Svc. Rd. E, Metairie, palmtreeplayground.com) 2. Bookoo Bounce (5604 Blessey St., 504.835.. Read More

Gulf Coast Vacations25-Jun-2014

gulf coast vacations From Mississippi to the Florida panhandle, there’ something to please every family. Our guide to the great Gulf Coast beaches of Mississippi.. Read More

Summertime Jobs for Tweens and Young Teens30-Apr-2014

Summer Jobs for Tweens and Young Teens While caviar dreams may be farfetched, tweens and teens can earn some decent spending money this summer. But summer employment’s rewa.. Read More

Concussions in Kids03-Mar-2014

concussions in kids When recreational sports cause traumatic brain injuries. Several months ago, 9-year-old Tristan Cordes was playing football and collided heads with a teammate, causin.. Read More

getting the most from camp20-Feb-2014

getting the most from camp How to get the most out of your child’s summer camp experience. Choose carefully. A preschooler will do best at a camp that has many of the same qualiti.. Read More


considering camp? here's a quick Q & A Q: How do I know a camp will be right for my child? A: The best way is to talk to the director. Ask about their philosophies, ab.. Read More

latest news

Publisher's Blog: Inventing Camp Happy01-Jul-2014

by Ann Herren We’ve all heard of the stages of grief, the steps to sobriety, the path to enlightenment. But are you familiar with the stages of camp burnout? It is real. And it is profou.. Read More

Finding the Right OB30-Apr-2014

Finding the Right OB In New Orleans, it’s easy to get the name of an obstetrician; the real legwork is making sure he or she is ideally suited for your specific wishes and .. Read More

The Birthday Circuit21-Nov-2013

By Ann Herren As a new parent, one of the biggest shocks to my mental health, aside from the small human that was now living with us, was Birthday Parties. I squeak.. Read More

Montessori & Waldorf Schools in the New Orleans Area11-Sep-2013

New Orleans offers an abundance of educational options: public and private, religious or secular, traditional or, increasingly, alternative. For that, families are looking more c.. Read More

car seat safety from baby to pre-tween29-Aug-2013

The American Academy of Pediatrics has revised what they recommend for child car seats. below, we provide a list of what is actually Louisiana Law, and then what is recommended. .. Read More


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Crawfish Tales

A New Orleans native and crawfish lover, I used to describe myself as a PR girl but now I describe myself as an avid multi-tasker, juggling my way through the day while experiencing the joys of motherhood with a marketing eye.   Visit Blog

Mommy Man- Adventures of a Gay Superdad!

I live with my boyfriend, Drew – no, we’re not married – and our twins Bennett and Sutton, who were born in August 2009.  They were conceived via gestational surrogate, with eggs provided by Drew’s sister, Susie.  (Yes, I provided the sperm… which I add not because I enjoy talking about my sperm with complete strangers, but because some people will wonder… and what must those people think?)

 Visit Blog

One Potato

Bottom line; we love books! And so does Jay. He gives incredible reviews, and on every sort of children's book you can imagine.   Visit Blog

Stay Healthy Louisiana!

Public Health news and ideas for Healthier Living from LPHI  Visit Blog



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